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Based in Barcelona, Spain. Since he was a kid Axbo has been connected to all kind of music. His uncle used to play drums in a band and other relatives are local songwriters nowadays. However, his main inspiration lies in the way he understands life: a journey of freedom. "Everyone should be free to love, free to express, free to live. There is only one and as human beings we have the privilege to make our own decisions and why not to inspire the rest to make theirs as well" - says Axbo.
After experiencing his first music festivals as audience, the artist found his passion in the electronic beats. At the age of 16 he started playing at private venues and weddings, always touring the outskirts of the city of Barcelona. All earnings from those performances went to new DJ equipment and travelling, two of his passions.

Then, he figured it out and a new project emerged: AXBO.

Welcome to a journey of melodies which come and go from house to techno. Elegance, personality and passion are reflected in the journey. The artist always intends to explore his creativity while setting an ambience where to breathe music from the very outset. That feeling took him to create a new artistic movement. Whether he is presenting a weekly radio show or performing in the venues, Axbo always bears his signature brand of AMBIENZ.
Focus now is on producing his own sounds and bringing Ambienz to a more personal ground. The future is bright and the present, down below.



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